Warranty and Terms

Repair Warranties and Exclusions

Many of our repairs come with a lifetime warranty. Please consult your technician to confirm what warranty level your repair has. Our warranty covers parts and labor costs when related to a parts manufacturing or working defect. If a device is damaged after a repair, warranty on affected parts will be void. Damage is defined as any physical defect whether inflicted intentionally or accidentally, that results in cosmetic or functional problems. Examples: a phone screen going black seemingly randomly would likely be considered warranty applicable. A screen going black due to a crack from a drop would be considered damage and not covered.

Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID biometric login features rely on hardware which can be easily damaged when a device is broken. Hardware for these features is paired to the individual device it was manufactured with, and if damaged and non-functional, may only be fully restored by Apple. If you have concerns about this, please ask your technician before repair.


Mail-in Repairs

We do accept mail-in repairs. To have us complete a repair of your device by mail, please contact us before shipping your device so we can open a repair order in anticipation of receiving the item. Mail-in repair turnaround times are typically 1-3 business days, not including transit time. Devices will be shipped back to the address from which they are received from, by USPS Priority Mail with tracking. Depending on your location, shipping transit time may be 2-5 business days depending on chosen shipping carrier and service level. Mail-in repairs receive the same warranty as in-person repairs, with the exclusion of shipping costs. If you have any questions, please consult your technician before repair.



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